“Tower of London” by Daniel Gillaspia. Image via Flickr Creative Commons.

Life in the Mile High City

I’ve been in Denver since the end of June and I’ve been loving it so far. Though I haven’t had a chance to go out to the mountains yet, I’ve seen a few events in downtown Denver such as a Pokemon Go festival and Octoberfest. Everyone asks, “Why Denver?” The answer isn’t that simple. I…Continue reading »

How to Fight Pandemic Fatigue

With the advent of vaccine availability across the globe, some people hoped that the return of normalcy would be upon us at last. Unfortunately, we’re halfway into 2021 and that still isn’t the case. The pandemic has left many of us feeling isolated and burnt out. Here are some simple ways to fight pandemic fatigue….Continue reading »

Redefining Lifestyle in 2020

As a lifestyle writer, I often wonder what the word even means in 2020. Without the things that typically define lifestyle such as dining out, concert-going, seeing a movie in the theater, and traveling, what does the word even mean? Are lifestyle writers still thriving in the era of Zoom meetings and home-brewed coffee? To…Continue reading »

Quiet Places in Las Vegas

It may seem like a contradiction in a city so full of noise and chaos, but there are places in or near Las Vegas where you can find a little peace and quiet. For many people, a little bit of Vegas goes a long way. But you don’t have to spend your entire time in…Continue reading »

Temporary Jobs for Full-Time RVers

According to RV Life, there are about 1 million full-time RVers in America. If you are determined to become a full-time RVer, chances are you’ll need to find sources of income to sustain your new lifestyle. The most lucrative options are full-time remote opportunities. It’s a win-win, you get a regular paycheck, and the company…Continue reading »

Dark Tourism: The Tower of London, United Kingdom

Dark tourism is sparking the interest of travelers around the world. Let’s explore the Tower of London and it’s dark past. Discover what awaits at this historic site in London, England. Elizabeth Cunningham Many people around the world have a fascination with the darker side of humanity, which could account for the rise in tourist…Continue reading »

A Romantic Nantucket Getaway for Two

Nantucket is a popular island getaway destination off the coast of Massachusetts. With diverse Nantucket vacation rentals available, couples can choose from cottages within walking distance to the beach or scenic homes with recent renovations overlooking the village marketplace. Nantucket Island is a romantic place for couples who enjoy beautiful scenery, history, relaxation, and culture….Continue reading »

The Creative Professional’s Coronavirus Pandemic Preparedness Guide

Disclaimer: As the threat of COVID-19 spreads across the globe, this blog strives to provide high-quality, freely-available, up-to-date, accurate, and verified information for self-described nomadic freelance creatives around the world. However, both of our writers have been reassigned to the U.S. since the end of 2018 due to increasing instability in East Asia as a…Continue reading »

The Atlanta Panic

After losing my passport in China at the end of 2018 and resolving tons of personal matters in the year 2019, I felt pleased when my new 50-page passport book came in the mail in early February. Due to financial constraints brought about by the loss of my main source of income–talent acquisition and management…Continue reading »


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