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When Elizabeth was growing up in central Florida, she dreamed of seeing the world and finding her people. She jokingly titled herself World-Class Adventurer while playing on the railroad tracks near her house with a friend.

After living in more than 25 cities in North America and East Asia, she created this blog as an online travel diary. Eventually, she experimented with different types of articles and reached out to other Western women of color living in Asia.

As of 2019, the blog has grown into much more than simple travel musings. Plenty of blogs in the genre take an overly-sanitized approach to storytelling. We’re here to show you the grit, the struggle, the beauty, the pain, the ugliness, and the core of humanity buried deep inside every human on planet Earth.

It doesn’t matter where you come from. You can be a World-Class Adventurer, too.


Elizabeth Cunningham is a biracial American author, entrepreneur, and consultant based in Shanghai, China and upstate New York. She spends her evenings singing karaoke with Chinese friends or cuddling her British shorthair, Sparky.


Regina Williams is an African American English teacher, entrepreneur, and blogger based in Seoul, South Korea. She’s been to over thirty countries with 2018 being her most prolific travel year to date.

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