Quiet Places in Las Vegas

Quiet Places in Las Vegas

Las Vegas by Mathieu Lebreton. Image via Flickr Creative Commons.

It may seem like a contradiction in a city so full of noise and chaos, but there are places in or near Las Vegas where you can find a little peace and quiet. For many people, a little bit of Vegas goes a long way. But you don’t have to spend your entire time in noisy casinos or walk amongst the crowds on Las Vegas Boulevard. This article will discuss serene places in Las Vegas so that you can enjoy your time while social distancing.

Knowing this need, many of the large hotels and casinos in Vegas offer quiet sanctuaries off the beaten path. While some of them may not be as chill as your local library, for Vegas, they are virtually silent. Some of these are out front and center, but others require that you know the lay of the land and seek them out on your own.

The Bellagio Conservatory and Botanical Gardens

This is located just off the main hotel lobby. On weekends or during tourist season, it tends to be a bit crowded, but compared to the fountain show outside, it provides a charming oasis. The display is changed seasonally and is always full of unusual plants and colors. There are a few small greenhouses containing a collection of orchids to delight the senses.

The Flamingo Wildlife Habitat

This 15-acre oasis is not only beautiful and serene but admission is also free. It’s a well-manicured tropical paradise filled with lush plants and waterfalls as well as several species of birds, including a flock of flamingos.

The Waldorf Tea House

In the former Mandarin Oriental hotel, the Waldorf Astoria has created a charming escape up on the 23rd floor. Even though it has spectacular views of the strip, the tea house is dark, relaxing, and peaceful. It offers a traditional afternoon tea service each day and is an excellent place for a quick and quiet break.


Many of the hotels offer spas, and any one of them would be an excellent pampering retreat from the hubbub of Las Vegas. The Venetian has the Canyon Ranch Spa, an expensive and exclusive experience. The Palms has the Drift Spa. Being a bit off the beaten path, this one seems even more private. Just be aware that the steam room is a co-ed experience.

Outside the City

If you have a car or want to rent one for the day, go for a joyride and explore. After all, Bugsy Siegel built the place in the middle of the desert. Forty miles to the east is Hoover Dam and Lake Mead, with a vast national park area. To the south, past Henderson, you can find the Sloan Canyon National Forest.

The closest place to go is just 14 miles west of the strip and just off of the Beltway. The Red Rock Canyon National Forest is a beautiful park full of mountains, rock formations, and wildlife. It also offers endless hiking and climbing opportunities.

They say what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, but you don’t have to. If you need to get away from the lights and noise of the strip to find a meditative place for a few minutes or a few hours, take advantage of off-the-beaten-path locations in and around the city.


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