Temporary Jobs for Full-Time RVers

Temporary Jobs for Full-Time RVers

“RV Life” by /\ltus. Image via Flickr Creative Commons.

According to RV Life, there are about 1 million full-time RVers in America. If you are determined to become a full-time RVer, chances are you’ll need to find sources of income to sustain your new lifestyle. The most lucrative options are full-time remote opportunities. It’s a win-win, you get a regular paycheck, and the company saves money on taxes and payroll.

Consider developing an independent-location income from affiliate marketing, web development/design, freelance writing, transcription, selling photography online, etc. Also, data entry freelance jobs are plentiful and easy to do if you have can type fast. Search Google for “data entry jobs online” or “data entry work from home”. This type of work is repetitive and boring, but if you just need to make a few bucks quickly, data entry is worth a try.

There are oodles of seasonal or temporary opportunities for wanderers. For example, Workamping finds jobs for RVers who need to make money on the road. Typical jobs are for RV parks, resorts, housekeepers, campgrounds, and so on. Generally, a free campsite is included as part of the job benefits.

If you possess communication expertise and patience, you sound like a candidate for online customer service jobs. These positions have huge turnover rates, because like data entry, customer service work is repetitive and a bit boring. If you’re interested, just type “online customer service jobs” in your search engine.

Amazon reaches out to RVers for seasonal work. If you plan to stay nearby one of Amazon’s CamperForce locations, fill out an online job application. You can expect high hourly pay and a complimentary site for your RV. Amazon furnishes health benefits while you are on the job. Provided you stay on the job until it concludes, Amazon pays a ‘completion bonus.’

The big caveat is that Amazon temporary jobs are physically exacting. You might stand in one spot or walk several miles during your shift. You will also punch in and out on a time clock.

If working at Amazon is too grueling for you physically, other common seasonal jobs include retail stores, Christmas tree lots, amusement parks (summer jobs). Search “Temporary Staffing Agencies” on Google. Important: Incorporate the name of the town where you will stay temporarily into your search parameters.

It can be tempting to give up the beauty and freedom of full-time RVing if you’re always two-steps behind your bank account. Before taking such a drastic move, why not try temporary work?

Need a remote gig but aren’t sure where to start? Check out Fiverr for easy gigs you can do on your own time. Or if you need someone to handle your social media on a budget, easily outsource via their user-friendly platform.

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