A Romantic Nantucket Getaway for Two

A Romantic Nantucket Getaway for Two

Image by Maria Gilbert via Flickr Creative Commons.

Nantucket is a popular island getaway destination off the coast of Massachusetts. With diverse Nantucket vacation rentals available, couples can choose from cottages within walking distance to the beach or scenic homes with recent renovations overlooking the village marketplace. Nantucket Island is a romantic place for couples who enjoy beautiful scenery, history, relaxation, and culture.

Quality Time

Nantucket vacation rentals offer couples a chance to reconnect with each other without interruptions from other people or the annoyance of cramped quarters. Rental cottages on Nantucket island have space and privacy not found at a bed and breakfast or a hotel. Multiple bedrooms and bathrooms allow vacationing couples to spend time alone together without the awkwardness of sharing a bedroom and bathroom. Unlike hotels, they have space to move about without always being in the bedroom. A house has a kitchen which is easily stocked with favorite foods from the local market for quick snacks and leisurely meals. While dining at the local restaurants is a treat, vacationers dining at the house can eat what they want when they want without getting dressed up or adhering to special hours.

A Nantucket cottage is as quiet as vacationers make it. Visitors to this New England island can wake up when they’re ready to start the day, rather than to the pounding of footsteps from the floor above or the sounds of running water from the room next door. Cooking a leisurely breakfast in the kitchen is one way for couples to spend quality time together. After breakfast, a leisurely walk in the fresh air along Nantucket’s cobblestone streets offers a chance to see quaint shops with local artists and crafters at work.

Absorbing Nantucket Culture

Visiting museums and other historic landmarks adds a quiet touch of relaxation and appreciation to a peaceful vacation. Visitors will find a handful of museums sharing Nantucket’s nautical history of shipwrecks, lighthouses, and floating lightships dating back to the early days of stargazing, fishing, and building.

The local library has a museum-like atmosphere. Couples can browse through more than 40,000 titles. Vacationers may find that reading borrowed books and watching classic movies are just two inviting ways to spend a rainy or windy afternoon in a Nantucket vacation rental after a visit to the library. Those interested in browsing the walls will find details of Nantucket’s early whalers with hanging artifacts, paintings, and pictures. The library’s grounds feature plants and flowers in a colorful display entwined in pathways with relaxing benches along the way. The occasional free concerts and poetry readings held there add unique culture to a getaway vacation for two. The library also has free wireless Internet access and laptop use on the premises for island guests and residents.

Nantucket island is an option for couples seeking a relaxing getaway, culture, fun, and quality time together. The escape is even more inviting with added amenities of Nantucket vacation rentals.

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