Meet Our Guest Blogger – Gina :-)

Hi Everyone!

I’m Gina, a friend of Elizabeth and I’ll be writing a few blogs on here to keep you entertained while she takes a little break. 🙂 Just to properly introduce myself, I’m an African American woman living in South Korea (in and out) for the past 7 years as a student and an English instructor. I’ve visited about 30 countries now and my life gets pretty wild but within reason haha Recently, I went back to my hometown Chicago to start a non-profit organization for underprivileged women to travel for educational and research purposes. I believe there should be more women out here having fun travel stories to tell and experiences to share 🙂

Speaking of fun stories, here’s a taste of what my life is like: skydiving, intellectual disagreements and of course…there’s a guy involved. Check out the blog below!

#71 – The Sugar Daddy In New Zealand 


Hello Wonderful Readers! I'm an English teacher (for adults) here in Seoul, South Korea. I'm starting my 5th year of teaching. :-) And God, has it been crazy!!! Please enjoy these stories that I share with you. Now remember, the opinions that I give in these stories are mine and mine alone. I do not speak for this whole country nor do I speak for all Americans, African Americans or American women. I will give you the honest truth of what happened. I think you as the reader, especially hopefuls, deserve to know what happens sometimes when you go abroad whether it's good or bad. I hope you take some wisdom or at least a laugh from any story I give. I also encourage you to leave comments if you have any. But please be respectful and I will too :-) Please enjoy! ^_^ If you want to contact me with any further questions, here's my email:

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