The Job Hunt

The Job Hunt


Rihanna gets me. ❤

Last month while I was still toiling away at the daycare, I applied for a plethora of jobs in Tokyo. I went to interviews for all of them and got rejected for each one, with the exception of a Girls Bar in Ginza which pays a cash salary every week. The customers — Japanese salarymen and businessmen — were the most polite out of any I’d ever encountered during my whole eight years in the nightlife industry. However, the two managers — one girl from Lithuania and a blackanese chick — were horrible. They did nothing but talk shit about every employee working there. They began sending me home after one or two hours. Of course, transportation wasn’t provided so it seemed as though I had went to work for free. Finally, I’d had enough and quit. Thinking that I had a real shot at working for GABA, I decided to go on a trip to Osaka to clear my head while I still had time.

While in Osaka, I got diagnosed with an incurable disease and received a rejection email from GABA after a month-long application process. Though I felt I had no reason to return to Tokyo, I had to go back to get my stuff and continue the job search. The doctor in Tokyo decided to put me on injections to make my body heal up faster than taking tablets alone. Altogether, I got stuck spending about $300 on medical bills and of course, I spent way too much on the Osaka trip between the Shinkansen and the Grey Goose shots at the bar.

I came in on Monday evening to get my salary and the bitch from Lithuania said they didn’t have it and told me to come back on Friday. When I went back yesterday, they tried to say they forgot to bring it. Pissed as hell, I told those cunts if they didn’t cough up my money I would call the police. That got them moving for the bills right quick. It was only a hundred dollars but that means a lot when you’re unemployed and dealing with medical expenses, immigration, and other issues. I felt proud for standing up for myself. I’m not a naturally aggressive person. I come off as shy and unthreatening so people often underestimate me. I’m not proud of calling them bitches and cunts and threatening them but honestly, I’m tired of being cheated out here and I don’t play when it comes to my money.

On the advice of a friend, I found a smaller website than GaijinPot and started mass-applying for adult eikawas. I have to keep the faith, even though times are dark. I’m gonna need a miracle because like everyone else in Tokyo, I’m just trying to make it. Ganbarimasu!


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