Guiyang Capsule Hotel 太空舱旅馆

Guiyang Capsule Hotel 太空舱旅馆

The future is now

While most people associate capsule hotels with space-conscious Japan, cities in China and Taiwan also enjoy the style. This is the first capsule hotel I’ve stayed in and it does not disappoint.

The capsule comes equipped with everything you need for a good night’s sleep including a TV, fan, heated blanket, light, charging port, mirror, and multiple shelves and hooks to store your essentials. My only gripe about this set up is that there is only one outlet so if you’re a techno-geek like me, you’re gonna have to plug stuff in one at a time.

I booked the hostel using the English version of Ctrip and selected the “pay at hotel” option. The owner, a local in his early 30s, is incredibly friendly and offered me a discount of 150 RMB. In total, I paid about 600 RMB for a 10-day stay; definitely, a bargain compared to Japan.

Sidenote: For some strange reason, many Japanese capsule hotels won’t allow female guests. For all my gripes about China, I give them credit for being light years ahead of Japan in terms of gender equality. 

One caveat is that finding this place is like going through a hidden maze. It’s tucked away in an alley just off of a side street. I had to stop and ask for directions several times in Chinese. If you can’t speak Chinese, ask a friend for help as the owner also can’t speak English. If you find yourself in Guiyang during your China travels, don’t miss out on this amazing gem.
Guiyang Capsule Youth Hostel 贵阳太空舱青年旅舍


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