WeChat Groups


As a millennial and long-term resident of the Interwebs, I’m not stranger to online sparring. You ever vented something on Facebook just to have some asshole twist your words around and make you look like the bad guy? Well, that happened in a WeChat (Chinese Facebook) group I’m in last night.

I posted that I couldn’t sleep because some Chinese girl in my hostel room had been staring at me for 30 minutes. Every time I opened my eyes, I could see a dumb-founded, blank expression on her face, her eyes piercing me for what felt like ages. I was having a “foreigner” day: sick, annoyed, and didn’t want to be bothered.

Along comes this troll who asks “How do you know she’s staring at you if you’re sleeping?”, followed by a series of really stupid questions and accusations. I told this bitch to fuck off. The whole thing spawned into a public argument that lasted for over two hours. I’d post screenshots but they’re buried way up in the chat and I’m lazy.

I called it quits around 4AM and fell back asleep. Then, I wake up to this idiot bragging about being from San Antonio, Texas and then I realize it all makes sense. There was a girl from Florida who had the same habit of twisting people’s words around and throwing out stupid accusations without knowing all the facts. A lot of people from Florida and Texas are like that, which is why I go out of my way to avoid most of them.


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