The Road to Ningbo

The Road to Ningbo


After everything that’s happened here in Chengdu, I definitely think it’s time to move on. Not to mention, the KTV business is really bad out here. The one I’m at now doesn’t have many customers and when they do, the customers use credit cards. Unlike other cities where I worked, there’s a three day wait time if the customer pays our tips by credit. Worse, they’re super strict about the girls arriving at 8PM even though no one is there that early. I refuse to sit around for an hour for no reason. It would have probably been wiser to come here for a short travel instead of trying to live here. I lost an embarrassing amount of money and I won’t be able to earn it back until next week.

My friend Chloe tends to stick around the Shanghai area and it’s easy to see why. There’s a lot more money to be made in Zhejiang province. She’s been in Ningbo for a few weeks and gave me her club manager’s WeChat. Apparently, the place where she works has better customers, less wait time, and provides an apartment. This is exactly what I need considering that I have significant debts to pay off and can’t afford to pay too much money to live every month. Not having rent costs will free up a good portion of my income and allow me to pay down debts faster.

I’m looking forward to seeing what Ningbo is all about. I liked Shanghai so I’m sure I’ll also enjoy this city just as much. As for my Chengdu adventure, I’m going to spend the final day looking at pandas and getting stoned. Peace!

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