Source: honeyandbeauty.com

Adjusting to a new environment takes time. Perhaps, last week I piled too many things on my plate and it toppled over. On Wednesday, my boyfriend and I moved into a new apartment in Chengdu. Thursday night, I missed work due to a fever. The following day, the fever had subsided somewhat but it returned fiercely in the evening. Yesterday, I kept hacking up gunk. Today, the junk still comes up from time to time.

I had a modeling interview on Friday that I rescheduled for Monday. Also, considering that I haven’t worked since Tuesday night, I’d really like to get back to it. I hope by tomorrow that it’s mostly gone. Every time I get this kind of sickness, it usually lasts for about a week. Unfortunately, I’m in no position to miss work for so many days considering that for the past year I barely worked. It was so difficult to find anything in the U.S.

I think I really need to take it easy these next several days. I hope that by tomorrow, I’m well enough to get back into the daily grind. Being trapped in the house for so many days is driving me a little crazy. I’m lucky that at least my boyfriend was there to cook this delicious food.

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