Adventures in Kava Land

I’ve been completely sober for just over six months—not even Demi Lovato’s Cali sober—but stone-cold-not-even-a-joint-on-weekends sober. The decision came after a devastating series of losses in my personal life at the end of last summer. I have an addictive personality and struggle to find the fortitude to say “no” to pretty much anything. This decision,…Continue reading »

How to Fight Pandemic Fatigue

With the advent of vaccine availability across the globe, some people hoped that the return of normalcy would be upon us at last. Unfortunately, we’re halfway into 2021 and that still isn’t the case. The pandemic has left many of us feeling isolated and burnt out. Here are some simple ways to fight pandemic fatigue….Continue reading »

Redefining Lifestyle in 2020

As a lifestyle writer, I often wonder what the word even means in 2020. Without the things that typically define lifestyle such as dining out, concert-going, seeing a movie in the theater, and traveling, what does the word even mean? Are lifestyle writers still thriving in the era of Zoom meetings and home-brewed coffee? To…Continue reading »

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